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Confidence Boosting Mantra with Cannabis

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

We can all benefit from a good confidence boost from time to time. As women we tend to allow thoughts of self doubt to creep in and take over, despite our best efforts to keep them at bay. This exercise will help replace the inner self doubt talk with confidence boosting mantras.

How Does Cannabis Help?

Cannabis helps silence the self-doubt voice, allowing space for the confidence boosting mantra. You truly deserve all the love and success you desire. You are enough. You are love. You are bad-ass. These mantras will help you remember this is a FACT, increasing your inner peace, mindfulness, motivation, and confidence.

This can be done at any time of day. The main thing is to ensure you create a space where you can enjoy cannabis in silence.

1. Get your cannabis and your favorite piece. You will also need paper and pen/pencil and a mat or pillow to sit on. First sit on your mat or pillow, take 2-3 deep cleansing and grounding breathes. Once you feel centered, enjoy a few puffs, tapping into how you feel.

2. Start by writing a nasty letter. Sounds weird, I know, but bare with me. Think about everything you need to release in order to manifest the life you desire. What causes you to doubt yourself? Do you feel unworthy? Not pretty enough? Not fit enough? Do you think you are the worst mom on earth? Get all the nasty thoughts that make you feel shitty down on paper. You might want to take another puff or 2... Then, write out what you want. Write about your perfect career, partner, lifestyle... what do YOU want?

3. Read your letter back to yourself focusing on what you want to manifest. Re-write the sentences in present tense. So instead of "I want to be a better mom", you would say "I am a kick-ass mom and my kids love me". Or instead of "I want to lose 10 lbs" you would say "I am 10 lbs lighter and feeling amazing". These are your personal manifestations. There is no wrong desire.

4. Now sit on your mat or pillow in lotus pose. Place your hands on your thighs with palms facing up to receive positive vibrations. Close you eyes, begin deep breathing. After a few moments start saying your intentions out loud. If you need to initially read them that is ok. Repeat the mantras over and over until you feel it is time to stop, then repeat 2-3 more times. Sit in silence a few moments as you absorb the vibrations, then go about your day.

5. Repeat your mantras to yourself throughout the day. There is power to saying them out loud but repeating to yourself mentally also holds great power. Repeat any time you need a boost or are feeling anxious. It is nice to repeat the entire exercise a few times a week during times you really need a boost.

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