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6 HEALTHY Sweet Sugar Alternatives in Pregnancy

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

These yummy alternatives aren't only for the pregnant mother. Anyone and everyone should use them! But they are safe during pregnancy and can really satisfy that sweet tooth! Just remember, sugar is sugar. Yes these are healthier, but they are NOT calorie free!

Many women spend a good portion of their lives worrying about their figure. Then they become pregnant and they say EFF IT!! GAME ON! And have it... A LOT of it...

I mean you are eating for two after all...

Can you relate?

The issue here is the caloric demand of pregnancy isn't as high as you may think... And if you are already overweight it's even less. Sugar wreaks HAVOC on your system pregnant or not. Right now you're growing a very special human being and you want to get him/her off on the right start as well as create the ULTIMATE living environment (ya know, your womb).

I am a strong believer in not only paying attention to, but also giving into your cravings. This is why I am going to provide you with 6 yummy sugar alternatives you can turn to when you just need something SWEET.

Let's get to it!

1.) Agave Nectar

Agave is a delicious natural liquid sweetener made from the juice of the agave cactus. It's actually sweeter than sugar (1.4 times) but doesn't give you the sugar rush and subsequent crash that you get from white sugar which makes it less disturbing for your body.

2.) Brown Rice Syrup

Brown Rice Syrup is made from... you guessed it! Brown rice! It's moderately sweet and tastes similar to butterscotch. You might need to use more in recipes than the required sugar but you can simply decrease other liquids so it all balances out.

3.) Date Sugar

And or dates! Date sugar is made from dehydrated dates that have been finely ground. Date sugar is very sweet and be a direct substitute for sugar. It also comes in granulated form.

4.) Honey

My LOVE! Honey is sweeter than sugar and it really hits the spot when you need something sweet! Honey can range in flavors so check them out and explore which ones you like most. Honey also contains minerals, enzymes and vitamins! WINNING!

5.) Maple Syrup

Pure maple syrup is a staple in our house. It is made from boiled down maple tree sap and contains many minerals that your body will thank you for. It is great fro baking as well as on top of your pancakes! make sure you get 100% pure maple syrup and not maple flavored corn syrup. Yum Yum Yum is all I gotta say!

6.) Maple Sugar

Different than maple syrup, maple sugar is made when maple sap is boiled longer than maple syrup. After the water evaporates, WALAH! You have maple sugar. It's SUPER sweet but less refined than white sugar.

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