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Create an Extraordinary Life

Commit to these 8 simple steps and you will be long on your way to creating the extraordinary life you deserve.

I don't believe extraordinary is out of reach. I truly believe each of us can and should live life of our dreams. It's not easy but it is simple. Don't take my word for it though, see for yourself if you too can live the extraordinary life.

The extraordinary life. What is that?

I would say it all depends on the person. Each of us have our own definition of extraordinary. We have our own definition of success. Different things make us tick and make us happy. That's what is so amazing about people. We are all different. Everyone's path in life is unique to their own life choices, wishes, desires, and fears. That being said there are a few things that each of us can do that will lead us on our own individually extraordinary life path and I am going to share them with you here.

1) Morning Intentions

Each morning wake up with a purpose. Seek out the positives and express #gratitude. Set your intentions for the day by planning out your goals and action steps to achieve them.

2) Be True to You

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. ~Dr.Suess

You are unique. You are an individual with your own schedule, daily routines, and your own circumstances. You have your own feelings and thoughts and it is important to respect them. Too often we push our true self down so we can "fit in" and be accepted by others. The reality is we are trying to fit in with others who also suppress their true selves and it leaves us all lost and empty. Be you and don't apologize for it. Those who love you will flock to you and those who don't love the real you won't. You don't need to be liked by everyone. You will always have better success when you stay #authentic to who you are. Trust yourself and trust your gut.

3) Make Connections that Count

Take time to make time for the important people in your life. This means, family, friends, and co-workers. It is far more important to nourish and grow meaningful relationships with those important few in your life than to spread yourself thin with surface relationships. Surrounding yourself with those who truly support you and your goals is very important to living an extraordinary life. The grass is greener where your water it.

4) Be Mindful

This goes for everything in your life. Be #mindful when you eat. Be mindful when you speak. Be mindful when you act. Mindful eating helps improve digestion and nutrient absorption which is key to feeling better and getting the full benefit from the food you eat. Be mindful to the flavors, the textures, the smell. Eat in a quiet place and give your full attention to the meal in front of you. Chew your food thoroughly (25-50 times per mouthful). When possible, do not eat in front of the television or computer.

Be mindful with your words. I am all for speaking your mind and remaining open and honest but I also believe this can be done in a tactful way. Think before your speak and be mindful how things sound and how they may be interpreted.

Mindful actions. You're human and there are times your body reacts almost without checking in with your head. I get it. But to be mindful of ones self is to train yourself to notice every action. Every breath, every chew, every feeling. Be mindful in how you react and the expressions on your face. Take note of what you look like when speaking with or listening to others. When you know these things you will better predict how others around you will react to you which ultimately gives you the upper hand in most interactions.

5) Get Active

Your body craves physical activity. If you don't use it you lose it. Physical activity reduces stress and decreases the likelihood of becoming depressed. Physical activity enhances ones ability to focus and reduces brain fog. Getting up and active also helps you have a better nights sleep which is when your body heals and rejuvenates. Physical activity also gives you more energy so when you're feeling tired and just can't imagine doing anything more, get moving.

6) Take Personal Time

In a society full of deadlines, extra-curriculars, long commutes, and long to-do lists it is hard to imagine having time for yourself to do with whatever you wish. But it's imperative to living an extraordinary life. You must schedule yourself some me time every week. Yes, every week! You need a few hours each week to unwind and regroup. Get a massage, go to an art class, walk around the park or mall. Do whatever you enjoy doing or try something you have always wanted to try but never had time. When we do this we allow ourselves time to unwind and we build reserves to allow us to better handle the day to day stressors life throws our way. When you take time for yourself you become a better parent, a better sibling, a better friend, a better spouse. You'll become more productive in your day to day when you make time for yourself each week. many of us ( especially mothers) feel guilty when we take time for ourselves but you must remember you are also doing it for those you love.

7) Reflect

Each evening take time to reflect on the day. What went well? What went not so well? What worked and what didn't work? Be nice as your reflect on your actions throughout the day. Take note of how you feel. If we don't take time to reflect on what works and what doesn't work in our lives then we don't truly give ourselves the chance to capitalize on the good and fix the bad. Reflection allows us to reflect on ourselves and our habits. Did we make food choices that serve us or harm us? Did we take action toward our goals that day? Were we true to our authentic self? Were we mindful? To reflect is to take a few minutes and really go through our day and make note of what we wish to repeat and what we wish to change or fix. It's important to reflect each day, each week, and each month. Write down your reflections each night. try using a journal for your morning intentions and evening reflections and see if they line up.

8) Show Gratitude

The number one thing you can do each and every day that will lead you to an extraordinary life is to show gratitude. If one cannot be grateful for what they have they will never be blessed with more. When you show gratitude for what you have you open the path for more greatness to come your way. When we focus on the bad and dwell in self pity we open the path for more harm and pain to come our way. Your mind and your thoughts are responsible for what you attract into your life. Live each day grateful for the things that bring you joy, health, and comfort. Be grateful for the air in your lungs. Be grateful for the relationships you build and the opportunities that come your way and you will find blessing on blessing on blessing.

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